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II have been feeding raw to the boys for two years now, thanks to being introduced to it on BeagleTails and with a million questions to Paula (and of course the best ambassadors, Dixie, Sadie and Toby!!) my rescue boys are really thriving(just ask the chipmunks who are running for their lives with a spry 12 yr old beagle chasing them!!)

After taking the Intro to Canine Nutrition Class, I was excited to incorporate even more fruits and veggies into their diet, and our vet has remarked on the difference in the overall health of the boys, but especially their coats and their allergies! I have learned a lot and Paula is always so generous with her time and sharing of information and resources! We are all so thankful! ~Mumma CJ

A big thankies to Ms. Paula! We lubs our marrow bones, turkey wings, EGGIES, sardines, goat milk yogurt, sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and avocados THE BESTEST! We have been introduced to so many new foods, but no moar itchies and lots moar ENERGY! (Bahhhrooo!!) 

The Muttleys

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