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Canine Nutrition Services

We offer multiple options for your canine nutrition needs from group classes, to seminars, to individual consultations, to short drop in classes.  


Introduction to Canine Nutrition

Introduction to Canine Nutrition is designed to help pet owners understand what is in their pet’s current food and how to improve their pet’s diet.  Discussions will include fruits and vegetables, protein sources, probiotics, and more. 

Cost: $75


Introduction to Raw Diets

This class will be designed to help dog owners understand what different types of raw diets are an option and how to create a balanced raw diet for their dogs.  Discussions will include types of diets, ingredients in a raw diet, current trends in commercial raw food, how to determine calorie requirements for their dogs, and how to create a balanced raw diet for their dog.

Cost: $100


Drop In Nutrition Class

These classes will be designed to discuss topics that have been of interest in the other nutrition classes and even some real life tutorials. These classes will only be available to those that have completed either the Introduction to Canine Nutrition, Introduction to Raw Feeding, or a Private Consult.

Cost: $25

Training Opportunities

Spend time bonding and training with your dog.  Classes will focus on beginner obedience and progress together as a team.


Beginner Obedience

This class is designed for dogs starting foundational obedience skills.  The focus will be on handlers interactions with their dog.  Skills that will be introduced include: sit, down, stay, leave it, and others.  Also, some basic grooming and nutrition will be discussed.

Cost: $100


Intermediate Obedience

This class will begin to raise the bar to work on skills introduced in the Beginner Obedience.  The focus will be on maintaining sit stays, down stays, leash walking, and introduction to distractions.  

Cost: $100


Whistle Recall Training

This class will focus on the basics of Whistle Recall Training as introduced by Pam Dennison.  As a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor, I will help you train your dog in a variety of settings to begin creating a solid and committed recall.  *Must have completed basic obedience to enroll.

Cost: $125

AKC Title Opportunities

Schedule your CGC, Trick Dog, or Fetch Tests


CGC Test

This is your opportunity to get take the CGC test with your dog.  

Cost: $20 for first dog

$15 for the each additional


Trick Dog Test

Do you enjoy training fun tricks and behaviors with your dog?  Come earn your Trick Dog title. 


Fetch Dog Test

This is a new opportunity for those fetch loving dogs!  

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