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About Us

Our goal is to share the life of three beagles: Toby, Ellie & Annie. 

Our Story

Welcome to BeagleTails!

Our goal is to share the life of our current beagles, Toby, Ellie, & Annie while also remembering our past beagles Dixie and Sadie.  

Our journey started back in 2006 when we got our first beagle Dixie and has been a constant journey as we have learned more about integrative care and nutrition through the years.  

In 2015 we began the journey to an all raw diet for our dogs and watched significant changes begin to occur in all of the dogs but especially the seniors Dixie and Sadie.  

After years of seeing results in our own pack I decided it was time to get a certification in Canine Nutrition so that certification was complete in 2019 through Companion Animal Sciences Institute.


Now we continue on this journey to help others gain the knowledge and confidence to make positive changes for their dogs.    

Meet BeagleTails

Each beagle has played an important part in the evolution of BeagleTails.  We are thankful for each leg of this journey and hope that our experiences will help others with their dog become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.  



Adopted September 2006

The matriarch of the beginning pack.  Why we came to love the beagle breed. 




Adopted April 2008

The one who was always up for a snuggle.  She was a lover of people and laps. 




Adopted August 2015

Rescued from the streets and had to learn to trust.  Immediately fit in with Dixie and Sadie.  Foster fail. 



Born October 2020

The first puppy.  Learned so much from Dixie.  Competative with excellent work ethic. 



Born November 2022

Learning about life.  Fearless and mischievous baby of the family.

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