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I trust no one but Paula when it comes to canine nutrition. I say this not because she’s known to me, or my friend, but because I’ve witnessed how dedicated and passionate she is about canine health through proper nutrition. This isn’t about monetary gain for her, but a genuine desire to see a world full of healthy, happy dogs. When you have a beagle whose food allergen list is longer than what he’s not allergic to, making nutritious and balanced food choices becomes an impossible task. I was lucky though, because I had Paula in my camp. The best part: Hugo’s vet had said that he’ll need daily immunosuppressive medication, but a few months into the diet designed by Paula, and we’re already down to alternate day medication. I’m confident that in time, through his diet, I’ll be able to get him off the medication completely. Clearly, I can’t stop raving about how fabulous she is, but don’t take my word for it. Enroll in her classes, learn something new, or simply consult, your dog will be happier for it. 



I went into the Introduction to Canine Nutrition class knowing next to nothing about how to improve my babies’ diets. I thought I was feeding them good, nutritious food… I had no idea!  

 One of my primary objectives in taking this class was to help improve the quality of life of my oldest furbaby, Bailey. Bay is 14-years-old, and was recently diagnosed with adrenal dependent Cushing’s syndrome. I had noticed him slowing down considerably, having a difficult time walking, and generally exhibiting far less energy than I was used to seeing from him. I was desperate to find anything that would make him feel more like himself. 

 Paula was fantastic! She was informative, empathetic to my situation, and eager to answer all of my questions. I started to feed my dogs healthy fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs! They absolutely LOVED their new dinners! The very best part of the whole experience was watching the truly transformative effect these changes were having on my boy. His energy returned almost immediately! He could barely walk outside before the class, and now he walks the whole neighborhood! He’s even barking again, something he hadn’t done in months! He plays, he’s engaged… it’s incredible!! I could not have asked for more! I highly recommend these classes! Paula is the best! I can’t wait to take the next class!


My husband was leery about changing our fur babies diets.  I had previously lost 3 other fur babies to cancer and I just wanted to learn more.  I had always felt that my dogs were on a high quality food (I mean it cost enough) Boy were my eyes open to the pet food industry!   It’s terrifying really.   I had no idea!   I’m so glad I found this class! 
I have four dogs, one of which is a 10 year old beagle.  She had started to slow down and was really showing her age.  Since switching to a raw diet, she is much more playful, has more energy, her eyes are brighter, and she’s even lost a little weight!  
Another thing I’ve noticed is that I was constantly filling the water bowl.  Since they are being hydrated with their food, they don’t drink near as much water.  
And, lastly, shedding?   Paws down this has been greatly reduced.  I follow a couple of German Shepherd groups as I have an 18 month German Shepherd.  Post after post is about the massive amounts of hair that the dogs are blowing.  My guy’s coat is nice and shiny and he definitely has much less shedding now that he is on a raw diet.  
I highly recommend this course.  It’s been a game changer for my crew! I only wish I had discovered it sooner!


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